The Swiss Agile Research Network (SARN) brings together professionals from Swiss IT-companies and researchers in order to get a better understanding of Agile, Agile adoption and transformation, as well as Agile organization.

Aufruf zur Umfrage-Teilnahme: Welche Effekte haben Scrum Ereignisse im Arbeitsumfeld?


Agile methodologies like, SCRUM, eXtreme Programming or Kanban have become mainstream in Switzerland and are currently spreading from the team level to the organizational level (SAFe, LESS). Therefore, it is important to understand the implications and influences that these methodologies have on individuals and organizations. It is essential to assess the scope and the effectiveness of the methods. SARN seeks to work closely with companies and other research organizations (in Switzerland and abroad) to gain insights to help companies with their Agile adoption and to disseminate their findings to a broader audience.

SARN is a collaboration of researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). They are also the authors of the bi-annual survey Swiss Agile Study (www.swissagilestudy.ch). Both universities have strong research records in the use of Agile methods in practice, as well as strong teaching backgrounds at undergraduate and graduate levels.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Swiss Agile Research Network, please contact us info@swissagilestudy.ch

SARN is also the Swiss representative of the international HELENA Survey with more than 20 countries about hybrid development. The survey is finished first results are in preparation for upcoming conferences.  Click on HELENA for more information.