Research Activities


  • Swiss Agile Study
    The biannual survey about the usage of software development methods in Switzerland and how they are being applied. The survey is conducted by the University of Applied Sciences Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. Find it on
  • Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit in Agilen Teams (Successful Collaboration in Agile Teams) (2016) (pdf). (German)
    In our research project, “Agile Tools for Agile Methods”, we conducted group interviews with 44 participants in eleven agile companies to evaluate how successful agile teams communicate and collaborate, what they consider as key factors for successful communication.
  • Agile Success Factors (2015) (pdf)
    In our research project, “Agile Succes Factors”, we conducted interviews in eight agile companies to ask about their most successful agile projects and what they considered to be the key factors to success.


  • Agile Collaboration Wall – aWall
    Using large digital Multi-Touch cardwall displays for agile software development.
    An on-going research project at the UAS Northwestern Switzerland. Find more information on the project web site.
  • HELENA – Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development.
    HELENA is an international study on the use of Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development. SARN is member of the HELENA consortium and participating in the study.  Find more information on HELENA web site.


  • We regularly conduct workshops teaching Agile practices and Agile collaboration. Find more on publications.


  • Spread the word. We regularly report about our findings and experiences from the studies and research in talks. Find more on publications


  • We present and publish our research results on international conferences. Find more on publications


  • We teach Agile software development practices and methods in various courses at undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master) level at our universities:
    Software Construction, Software Development Processes, Software Engineering2, Software Engineering and Architecture