How to work with us…

Do you use or are you planning to use Agile approaches in your organization? We are currently looking for collaborators and are interested in working with you on challenges that you may be facing.

Research Collaboration

SARN is currently setting up a consortium of agile companies and universities. The goal of the consortium is to get a better understanding of Agile and its effects through independent research. Therefore, the members of the consortium will jointly agree on the research questions. These questions will be addressed in a common research project. To finance the project, SARN will apply for funding at national funding organizations (CTI, SNF, etc.).

Some of the research topics that interest us are:

  • to get a better understanding of Agile transformation processes and how to improve them
  • to understand the challenges of Agile and how to face them
  • to understand the influence of Agile practices on the success of Agile projects
  • to understand the influence of Agile on the organization culture

The Swiss Agile Research Network will provide your organisation with an analysis of the challenges you are facing and will structure that challenge. You will also receive a summary of suggestions for improvement based on existing literature and research and an unbiased perspective on which suggestions to adopt. Furthermore, the Swiss Agile Research Network will evaluate the changes you decide to implement. Overall the whole approach provides an opportunity to learn and to reflect on different perspectives of the challenge.

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Contract Work

Are you facing challenges on your path to Agile? The Swiss Agile Research Network helps organizations to get the benefits of Agile. For instance, SARN helps …

  • to improve the organizational culture
  • to reduce time-to-market and defect rate
  • to improve the quality, maintainability and readability of your code
  • to protect your investments in Agile
  • to delight your customers
  • you to attract and keep talents

SARN does this by adopting and interpreting the latest research results to the specific challenges of your organization. SARN is committed to strict scientific standards thus guaranteeing independent and unbiased results. SARN analyses your state of Agile on project, team and organizational levels. SARN researchers can draw from their gained experience and knowledge in Agile software development. SARN has data from hundreds of Swiss IT-companies gathered in a large database. This data can be used as a benchmark for your organization. Based on the benchmark, SARN will provide suggestions for improvement. Furthermore, SARN will evaluate the changes you decide to implement.

Talks and Workshops

SARN also offers workshops, coaching, training and talks for organizations.

Are you interested in working with the Swiss Agile Research Network, please contact us